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    • Talent Screening
    • Compensation and development
    • Choose the most suitable rather than best candidates

      Heilan insists on a fair and open process for candidate selection,and recruits the most suitable candidates to the positions base firstly on integrity,secondly on talent and last looks. Heilan believes that the best candidate is the one who matches the position.
    • Arena and platform.Trust without indulging

      Heilan insists on flexible and well-designed competition mechanism,and provides development platforms for all kinds of talents.Heilan employees enjoy performing platform to utilize their talents,as well as competition arena that brings out their full potential.Heilan trusts but does not indulge its employees,with both delegation and monitor mechanisms in place.
    • I support your success,and you drive my development

      Training,a key way to realize this commitment,is the best benefit for employees.Now Heilan has established a training system that integrates internal and external resources,sets out tailored training plan to suit specific training demands,and combines external training,internal training and remote training.
    • Retain talents through competitive package and happy working environment

      Heilan believes in reward distribution according to one’s contribution,and has set up a result-oriented distribution mechanism and evaluation framework.A complete package scheme has also been built to attract talents,especially those with technical and comprehensive skill sets, with competitive compensation.Such practice embodies fair distribution,and helps to maximize employee’s value and optimize their development environment.
    • Competitive package in the industry

      The Group offers competitive packages for employees,and distributes bonus based on group business targets,department performances,and personal contribution.
    • Complete benefit and welfare system

      Employee could enjoy social security including pension,occupational injury,unemployment,birth and medical insurances,housing funds,and welfare distribution;The Group also assists employee with settlement,personal files and party membership.
    • Life-long learning and training

      The group has a multi-tier training system for both group-and department-level training to elevate employee professional competence.it is intended to build a high-quality team with integrity and excellent technical knowledge,to enhance employees’ qualities and the Group’s core competence,and to fulfill the Group’s needs for sustainable production and operation.Meanwhile it offers space for employees to show their talents,and strengthens life-long learning and the importance of knowledge.
    • Accommodation

      Once hired,employees are provided accommodation in standard rooms for 2 or 3 in the talent Building that matches three-star hotel standard.The rooms are under apartment management,and equipped with central air-conditioning,24-hour hot water,and digital TV.Employee couples are entitled to nicely fitted couple flats.
    • Others

      Care for employees with difficulties,employee parties,talkfests,hospital visits and others.
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