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    OVV is an exquisite and fashionable women's clothing brand of Shanghai Xingdu Garment Co., Ltd. The brand's design is based on the life scenes of working women. It provides a high-end fashion for urban white-collar fashion groups to break the dull workplace wear.

    Official mall


    Light Luxury Interpretation
    Effortless High Quality Sense
    Return to the classic aesthetics paying attention to texture and style. The more simply you dress. the more more advanced your dressing style is OVV redefines your chic wardrobe.
    Return to Texture
    Balance Elegance and Comfort
    OVV is a chic wardrobe that was born for trendy professionals who are not satisfied with fast fashion and luxury. It explores the image of working women and the total solution which integrates design, stylization and applicability to seek the perfect balance between the classic and the popular, the reserved and the luxurious, the elegant and the casual, as well as the eternal and the present.
    In Exquisite Life
    Three Series
    Embedded in Exquisite Life
    OVV divides its products into three major series for the whole work and life scenes of the urban white-collar: NEW CLASSIC, SMART & CASUAL, and VACATION & EVENT. OVV strictly selects top fabrics such as cashmere, pure wool textile and silk to match tailoring and design, and draws on interesting elements from fashion trends, so that each piece can become an attractive one in the season.
    Fashion Gallery
    Create An Aesthetic Shopping Experience

    The design team "Link+Architects" has drawn on the essence of the OVV brand and built the exclusive store of OVV in Shanghai into a fashion gallery that combines aesthetics, culture, and shopping to make it easy for consumers to experience the fashion atmosphere, find style inspirations and explore the glamorous life.

    Through deep layout of national key fashion landmarks, the OVV brand has set stores in the Huashi Square in Middle Huaihai Road, Diji Plaza of Nanjing, and the Beijing Wangfu Central. Its stores will also be unveiled in the urban business districts of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Chongqing, etc.

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