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    As a brand-new lifestyle brand of HLA, "Heilan Home" is a one-stop furniture product collection store focusing on national quality life. It has nearly 4,000 kinds of products covering clothing, groceries and fashion home.

    Official mall



    Leading suppliers

    Work with Leading Suppliers

    Endorsement of Strong Retailing Strength

    Relying on HLA's strong supply chain management advantages and more than fifteen years of retail management experience, the "preference and preferential price" that consumers ought to enjoy becomes a tangible benefit to be presented to consumers.



    One-stop Home Shopping Experience

    Leading Inspirational Life Aesthetics

    Heilan Home is not just a store, but also an incubator of life inspiration. It is not just about selling basic necessities of life, but also a taste and aesthetics classroom for everyone. It is not only full of small pleasures, but also makes shopping a big satisfaction. Heilan Home was born to meet the increasing aesthetic needs of urban consumers for consumer goods, and to provide the public with a one-stop home shopping experience with preference and preferred price.


    Beauty home

    High Quality and Preferential Price

    Select Artistic Home Furnishings for Consumers

    The store display of Heilan Home inspired by the scene of life makes it easy for everyone who wants to live a quality life to have an immersive home shopping experience.

    Massive Products

    Cover Ten Commodity Series


    Ten product

    As a brand new retail format, it will enrich the original brand ecology, and create the possibility of focusing on shaping the national lifestyle without degrading the style while facing the public.

    Ten preferred commodity series, including office supplies, cosmetics, tableware, kitchen supplies, beddings, care products, travel goods, daily necessities, clothing, and furniture, penetrate the aesthetics into every aspect of modern life, and provides consumers across China with the ideal choice for quality life.


    Store design

    Life Scene Store Design

    Create immersive Shopping Experience

    A large number of high-quality products, the shopping experience within reach, and the store display inspired by life scenes all allow consumers to have an immersive and relaxing home shopping experience with many choices available.

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