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    Founded in 2017, EICHITOO KIDS is a children's clothing brand of EICHITOO, and its products cover all kinds of clothing for children aged 3-12.

    Official mall


    Pursue Innocence and Childhood Fun

    and Create Fashionable Looks for Kids

    EICHITOO KIDS integrates color, passion and creativity into its products, and strives to provide kids with a simple and comfortable wearing experience with cutting-edge fashion design concepts, so that the kids can highlight their personalities and fashion and easily express themselves in various occasions, and have a happy and wonderful childhood.

    Natural Materials

    Escort for Kids' Growth

    EICHITOO KIDS holds the brand concept of "comfort, companionship and growth". Its products are mainly made of natural materials such as cotton fabrics. While ensuring comfort, they subtly integrate the characteristics of childhood fun, passion, and creativity, etc., thus stimulating children's imagination, letting the children feel the aesthetics and quality in the process of wearing the products of EICHITOO KIDS, and accompanying them to grow up happily.

    Casual Style

    Three Series

    to Create Kids' Personalities

    Every child is different. They are naturally lively, romantic, quick-witted and naughty. EICHITOO KIDS has prepared three series for kids: Casual style, Fashion style and College style. It maintains a natural, comfortable and elegant design style, and strives to help each child find his/her own style.

    College Style

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