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    HLA JEANS is a brand-new trendy sportswear brand of HLA, and was officially launched in 2017. As a new international fashion brand for the youth, HLA JEANS is different from other popular brands, and its design is more fashionable. Unlike international fast fashion brands, it is textured and more durable. Unlike local fast fashion brands, its products are value-for-money and more diversified.

    Official mall

    www.hlajeans.com →

    Pay Tribute to the American Street Culture

    Encourage the New Younger Generation to Express Themselves

    HLA JEANS advocates the attitude of "NEVER SAY NEVER", and combines the community culture of street fashion with the joy of life, attracting a group of young people who have their own characteristics and uphold the true spirit — they are unique, avant-garde, love fashion cycle, and actively express themselves.

    More Affordable Prices

    Make Fashion Within Reach

    HLA JEANS comprehends the youth culture, keeps up with global trends, and integrates the trends into life more appropriately. It uses the strength of the brand to create a sense of quality of fashion clothing beyond expectation, and creat a perfect balance between quality and price.

    Create a Trendy Lifestyle with the Young Chinese

    Based on different styles of interpretation, HLA JEANS divides its products into three series: Sports, Street and Party. The overall design is stylish and diversified, and closely associated with the youth culture, keeping up with the global fashion trends and integrating new design concepts. The brand focuses on the community culture and joy of life, and is committed to creating a trendy lifestyle with the young Chinese.

    International Store Design Create the Future Consumption Space

    With the geometry outlined in lines, HLA JEANS creates a youthful and fashionable store image through its semi-open design, and increases the placement and display of accessories and creative items in the store, to support consumers to experience the infinite possibilities of matching various styles of products.

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