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    AEX is a tech-luxury leisure men's wear brand of Shanghai Xingdu Garment Co., Ltd., creating "tech-luxury leisure men's wear" for the constantly moving travel in cities.

    Official mall





    AEX, combining art and technology, creates "tech-luxury leisure men's wear" with affordable price, provides a comfortable wearing experience for the constantly moving travel in cities with modern design thinking, and brings "wearable technology fashion" to daily life, creating the new species of the 21st-century men's wear.

    Set Affordable Price
    and Combine Art and Technology



    Select Top Natural Fabrics
    to Interpret the Modern Gentleman Aesthetics

    Not only design styles, but also tailor charming masculinity; Not only pay attention to the craft, but also integrate details into the new thinking of science and technology; Not only pursue aesthetics, but also know how to create a moving moment for the wearer; Not only create clothing, but also thoroughly enhance the aesthetics of men's life.



    Connect with International Senior Teams
    to Create Dominant Design Pieces

    The brand has a design team with an international vision. With a unique artistic vision, the team draws on the cutting-edge trends and ideas, seeks carefully selected materials and crafting processes from all over the world, and integrates creative ideas and innovative use of technology, creating the brand new men's wear that combines functionality, diversity and comfort.

    The Technology Thinking series combines the creative concepts of functionality, diversity and comfort to provide a more convenient, healthier and more practical wear proposal for modern men, and the Contemporary Chic series, taking into account the needs of business and leisure wear, demonstrates a refined, individualistic, elegant and high-quality culture and the modern gentleman aesthetics.



    Explore Modern Space Design
    and Create a New Fashionable Shopping Experience

    The exclusive store of AEX on Huaihai Road of Shanghai integrates Art Deco with the modern minimalist luxury style, full of humanistic design atmosphere, with a patchwork of picturesque ambient light and shadow, forming a modern aesthetic of space. The AEX exclusive store will be a trendy place to experience the fashion atmosphere, find style inspirations, and explore attractive things. It combines fashion, experience and culture, and presents customers with exquisite and comfortable shopping experience from the details.



    Expand the Brand Store Layout
    Provide Quality Service in Store

    Through deep layout of national key fashion landmarks to deepen the in-store quality service and influence, the brand has now set stores in the Huashi Square in Huaihai Road, Shanghai, and in the Beijing Wangfu Central.Its stores will also be unveiled in the urban business districts of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi'an, and Chongqing, etc.

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